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      The risks for life and health insurers are developing rapidly

      The needs and expectations of your customers are changing, regulatory requirements are increasing. What is more, InsurTech companies are forcing their way into the market with a flurry of new business solutions. In short, you are operating in an environment where you need solidity and security, innovative services and products, liquidity and business ideas. Now more than ever. Munich Re can offer you all this and support you on your journey into the future.

      Embracing change – With leading services and shared risks

      Joint Future
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      Shaping the future: with Munich Re as reinsurer and risk partner

      Digitalisation, artificial intelligence and automation are opening up completely new horizons for the insurance industry. That is one side of the coin. The other is that these new developments are forcing insurers to question long-held standard practices: time-consuming application forms, long waiting times, low price flexibility and a scarcity of customisable products.

      Those who can expand the current world of life and health insurance more quickly and more effectively than others and introduce new, even more client-focused and forward-looking solutions will grow and gain market share. We support you in your endeavours with leading digital and non-digital services, and with innovative products that we develop specially for you or offer as white-label solutions.

      As reinsurers, we offer you services and product development and take a share in the risks you insure. After all, risk sharing is our core business. In return, we offer the solidity, unique know-how and nearly 140 years of experience you need.

      We are your partner in all matters concerning risk, and offer you innovative products and services that will allow you to outperform your competitors. In the past, today and in the digital future.?

      We are your partner in all matters concerning risk, and offer you innovative products and services that will allow you to outperform your competitors. In the past, today and in the digital future.
      Thomas Braune
      Munich Re
      Chief Executive Life/Health Reinsurance Europe, Latin America, Middle East

      Expand your options – With structured reinsurance

      Solvency II
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      New scope for action - through financial risk control and active capital management

      Factors that hamper growth and development for insurers across the world include the challenging risk capital and solvency requirements imposed by regulatory authorities – for example Solvency II. These have severely restricted many insurers’ scope of action – at least if they rely on financing from banks and classic capital market instruments in their asset management.

      As the world’s leading reinsurer, we offer you tailor-made alternatives in the form of structured reinsurance solutions. Again, risk sharing is the basis of our cooperation, as it ensures interests are aligned to the benefit of everyone involved. Above all, however, you gain access to effective instruments for financial risk management and active asset management under each respective regime.

      Shaping the future – With new partners and business models

      New thinking
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      Munich Re cooperates with young companies around the world

      New things come from new thinking. That is why we work across the world with young companies that develop innovative ideas and new business models highly relevant for life and health insurance. What we bring to the table is our industry know-how. We facilitate market access and drive forward developments that could bring us and our primary insurance clients new market shares and profitable business.

      Munich Re can help you, as an established primary insurer, to access the latest trends and quickly benefit from highly promising innovations – for example in the area of service.?

      Our portfolio for Life/Health

      Munich Re’s solutions are customised to your needs as a primary insurer. We offer you a broad range of products and services in life insurance and provide services for the healthcare market.

      Reinsurance solutions

      Contact our experts
      Karsten Steinmetz
      Karsten Steinmetz
      Head of Underwriting, Claims, Medical Research and Digitalisation
      Harald Tauber
      Harald Tauber
      Client Management Executive, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, Israel
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